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All financial administration services in Finland: accounting, payroll and expert services.

International affairs services

Do your business activities give reason for a permanent establishment in Finland? Either in value-added taxation and/or income taxation? Rantalainen can help you to analyze your registration needs and to comply with tax compliance and posted workers rulings.

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Employer representative services

Have you been planning to post employees to work in Finland – under a contract which you have concluded with a contractor, or to an undertaking owned by the company group, or for transmitting hiring labour? We at Rantalainen are acting as employer representative and take care of all legal requirements needed by the OSH authorities about posted workers.

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Rantalainen provides you with accurate and accessible bookkeeping at all times. In addition to regular bookkeeping services, we provide required notifications such as ALV (VAT), TyEL and YEL to Finnish authorities.

Bookkeeping must be accurate. Additionally, a primary concern is the availability of information to both the company and various stakeholders. Assessment of a company’s profitability and operations is based on the information generated by accounting, making it a cornerstone of business operations. Rantalainen’s accessible accounting services enable company owners, partners and the authorities to optimize outcomes by making effective decisions at the most appropriate times.

We will tailor your accounting services to perfectly match your needs, with reference to your work and expertise. We are proud to serve enterprises ranging from self-employed entrepreneurs to globally expanding growth companies.

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Payroll services

Outsourcing payroll management frees company resources for core business activities such as product and service development and sales. Additional benefits include minimization of risk, maintenance of backups, currency of the payroll system, enhanced operational efficiency, and cost reduction.

Professional payroll management is dependent upon thorough, current knowledge of collective labor agreements, advanced accounting tools, and extensive experience in the field. As our client, you will consult with Rantalainen’s experienced payroll services specialists.

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Expert services

Clients face a variety of challenges in their business and organizational operations, from the initial setting-up phase to hiring employees, growth, investments, internationalization, change of ownership and closing down the business.

Rantalainen provides the expertise of its own highly qualified staff as well as that of a comprehensive network of trusted professionals. The combined level of expertise at our disposal allows us to advise you on complex matters relating to business law and taxation, or to implement demanding assignments or projects which require specialist skills and knowledge.

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Auditing services

Audit services related to taxation and all phases of the company’s life, from establishment, restructuring, mergers, splits, and transfers, to dissolutions.

Auditing services are provided by our sister company, Rantalainen Auditing Services. Fully authorised by the Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH), Rantalainen Auditing Services’ staff includes certified auditors (in Finnish: HT and KHT) and their assistants.

Rantalainen Auditing Services offers auditing services and expert services in corporate law and taxation law. With long-term experience auditing companies of different types and sizes, Rantalainen Auditing Services’ particular focus is on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Services are available for different phases of the company life cycle, from managing the establishment of a company, to changes in company form, mergers, splits and generational transfers, and dissolving the company.

Rantalainen Auditing Services provides expertise in taxation law and can assist you with matters related to business and income taxation, VAT, inheritance and gift taxation, and dividend taxation.

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