Tax services

Do you need understandable support in areas related to taxation, M&A or company law, for example? We offer you personal and professional service and advice with years of experience. To us, professionalism also means sharing information in a way that is easy to understand and takes your situation into account.

Find out more about our high-quality tax advice and M&A services and get in touch – we would be happy to assist you!

Tax advice

Rantalainen provides high-quality services related to tax advice and tax reporting, both for companies and private individuals. We offer comprehensive tax advice to both owner entrepreneurs and international companies in the different areas of business tax, income tax and value-added tax, as well as in special questions of accounting.


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Mergers & Acquisitions

The expertise and professional competence of Rantalainen’s tax specialists help you ensure the completion of a successful M&A. We support you at every stage of M&A, from planning to implementation. We help you design a company structure that suits the needs of your company and is also sensible in terms of taxation.


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Tax Specialists

Mikko Heiskanen

Director, Tax Advisor

010 321 6738

Mira Rajanti

Team Manager


010 321 6877

Milena Pohjola

Team Manager

Yritysten verotus ja yritysjärjestelyt, henkilöverotus


Heikki Luukkonen

Tax Manager

Yritysten ja yhdistysten verotus, yritysjärjestelyt, sukupolvenvaihdokset

010 321 6708

Tommi Vilppola

Tax Manager

Kansainvälinen verotus

+358 10 3216 733

Heli Jauhiainen

Tax Manager

Kansainvälinen verotus

+358 10 321 6659

Toni Holmström

Tax Manager

Yritysten verotus, yrityskaupat


Roi Hakanen

Manager, Tax & Legal

Yritysjärjestelyt, yrityskaupat, kansainvälinen henkilöverotus


Matias Suominen

Tax Manager



Aleksi Annala

Senior Specialist, Tax & Accounting

Yritysverotus ja kirjanpito

010 321 6554

Aleksi Kelloniemi

Senior Advisor, Tax & Legal

Yritysten verotus, yrityskaupat


Kati Rantsi

Senior Tax Advisor

Yritysjärjestelyt, sukupolvenvaihdokset

010 321 6566

Mikko Laaksonen

Senior Tax Advisor

Yritysjärjestelyt, verotus ja kirjanpito

010 321 6654

Saija Mutka

Senior VAT Advisor

Kansainvälinen arvonlisäverotus

+358 10 3216682