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Financial administration services for companies in Finland. The latest know-how, real-time services and online tools backed by over 45 years’ experience.

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About us

Founded in 1972, Rantalainen Accounting Services is an authorized group providing financial management, accounting, reporting and auditing services from over 40 locations in Southern Finland. Our team of over 830 skilled professionals serves the interests of over 15.000 clients.


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Our services

We provide you with with bookkeeping, payroll, auditing and expert services in Finland. We will tailor your accounting services to match your needs, with reference to your work and expertise. We are proud to serve enterprises ranging from self-employed entrepreneurs to globally expanding growth companies.


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We aim to help companies also with our annual publications, articles and financial administration blogs. Most of the articles are published in Finnish, but regularly also in English or Swedish.


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Starting a business in Finland

We provide all financial management services for companies establishing their business in Finland.


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