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Do your business activities give reason for a permanent establishment in Finland? Either in value-added taxation and/or income taxation?

Construction sector: VAT registration, monthly special contract reporting and annual company activity reporting obligations even without permanent establishment in Finland.

What are your employer obligations when employing someone in Finland for marketing activities?

What are your employer obligations when posting employees to Finland?

Do you attend to establish a company in Finland? Either limited company or other form?

Service receivers in Finland are obligated to withhold tax-at-source from your total invoice value, if your company is not prepayment registered in Finland. What can you do about it?

Rantalainen can help you to analyze your registration needs and to comply with tax compliance and posted workers rulings.

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Posting workers to Finland

Have you been planning to post employees – under a contract which you have concluded with a contractor, or to an undertaking owned by the company group, or for transmitting hiring labour?

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