Payroll administration

Our comprehensive payroll administration services are always tailored to our customer’s business, based on the size and field of the company. We support our customer’s business with the help of the field’s best experts.

Rantalainen payroll administration services

Payroll services can be outsourced, either separately or as part of other financial administration. Our payroll administration experts will take care of your company’s salary calculations and be your reliable partner in developing your business.

Our payroll services include the following:

  • Payroll calculation and payment
  • Employment advice
  • Calculating holiday pay
  • Travel invoices
  • Authority notifications
  • Software training services

Personal service from your payroll specialist

Our customers always have a payroll specialist or team appointed to them.

The work of payroll specialists requires competence in many other areas in addition to payroll calculation. The strong competence areas of our payroll experts are payroll calculations, laws and regulations of working life and other special topics of payroll management. Our experts have a comprehensive view on payroll management and understanding on how it can be implemented in the best possible way in companies of different sizes in different fields of business.

Modern methods and systems

We manage the payroll of companies of all sizes. In addition to SMEs, we do payroll for major customers, using the CGI Palkat, Mepco, Mepco Pro and SD Worx W software. The payroll calculation of SMEs is done with Netvisor, Procountor, Fivaldi and SD Worx W software. We also provide Mepco’s HR system and the Sympa HR system to complement these. Find out more about the software we use on the digital financial administration pages.

In addition to payroll, we offer a range of HR services to support our customer’s HR management and business.

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