Payroll management and HR

 Don’t have enough time to interpret legalese? Leave the analysing of current laws and regulations to us. By choosing Rantalainen as your partner you will also gain access to modern worktime management, travel invoicing and HR systems, as well as efficient payroll services.


Payroll administration is one of the most important legislated obligations of an employer. As Rantalainen’s customer, you will have a designated payroll specialist to help you, backed up with the expertise of our entire payroll team. Outsourcing your payroll services allows you to focus on your company’s key business.

Our payroll services include the following services, among many others:

  • Payroll calculation, payouts and reporting
  • Employment advice
  • Calculating holiday pay
  • Travel invoices
  • Authority notifications
  • Software training services


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HR services

Agile HR gives a company a competitive edge. Our HR services offer great solutions to this.

Our HR experts will help your company achieve its goals through efficient HR management. We offer a wide range of services related to competence, culture, strategic HR and HRM expert services, which will always be tailored to your company’s needs.


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HR reporting

The Rantalainen HR reporting system supports an organisation’s decision-making process by visualising the mass of data collected from different data sources into clear, visual views.

The HR management reporting can be utilised in areas such as HR planning and knowledge-based management. Key figures can also be used in compiling an equality plan, a financial statement, a personnel plan and an operating plan of occupational well-being.