Business taxation and company’s tax planning

Are you familiar with the many pitfalls of business taxation and company tax planning? We are, and we will help you avoid them, too. The experienced tax specialists of Rantalainen are available to help you with all areas related to corporate taxation.

Specialist as your support in a company’s taxation and tax planning

Taxation is an integral part of business. Knowing the obligations, opportunities and changes of taxation has a major impact on the company’s finances and strategic planning. Ensuring that areas such as tax write-offs of different expenses, income tax exemptions and the flexibilities of accounting and taxation are identified is important, both through discussions and, if necessary, by applying for an advance ruling from the Tax Administration. The experienced tax specialists of Rantalainen can help you with solving both regular questions and issues open to interpretation, as well as with any other tax-related problems.

We offer you e.g. the following advisory services for business taxation:

  • Planning and optimising taxation
  • Taxation of business reorganisations
  • Income taxation of a company
  • Taxation of partnerships
  • Tax reporting and write-offs
  • Applying for an advance ruling
  • Appeals for rectification and complaints

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Team Manager

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Tax Manager

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Manager, Tax & Legal

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Tax manager

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Tax Manager

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