Rantalainen’s 12-step concept is a path to administratively successful business operations management in Finland. Rantalainen is responsible for the implementation of the concept together with its partners.

Why Rantalainen?

Temporary work in Finland requires many measures. Employees may encounter a variety of problems when arriving in Finland. Appropriate documents must be submitted to the authorities on time in the beginning, monthly and annually. Changes from the company’s domestic salary payments and supporting documents to employment contracts in accordance with Finnish regulations. How is income allocated according to a fixed place of business?

Rantalainen will help your company take care of all these matters and ensure that everything is taken care of properly.

Our action plan

Our concept is based on regulations on contractors’ obligations and liability towards subcontractors and the Act on Posted Workers. The contractor must make sure that the companies that contract with them fulfil their statutory obligations as a contractual partner and employer. If this is not handled carefully, the employee may be denied entry to the workplace. Finland follows the regulations drawn up by the EU quite strictly. For this reason, it is common to demand compliance with Finnish collective agreements, even if it means that changes must be made to the practices of the company’s home country, for example regarding the payment of wages and employment contracts. Rantalainen will ensure that you are prepared for possible audits organised by the Finnish Occupational Safety and Health Administration, which supervises the above-mentioned regulations.

In addition to ordinary tax returns, monthly and annual returns to the Finnish tax authorities must be considered. In the construction industry, monthly notifications of contracts are required when work is subcontracted and monthly notifications of workers working on shared sites. A report on operations in Finland is required from all foreign parties who consider that they will not have a fixed place of business in Finland.

The interest of tax authorities in allocating income to a fixed place of business in Finland has increased in recent years, which can be seen in customer inquiries.

Our 12-step concept offers your company the opportunity to operate in accordance with Finnish regulations.

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