Geneva Group International (GGI)

We are a member of the Geneva Group International (GGI) global network of independent auditing, accounting, law and consulting firms, thus broadening our access to expertise in over 120 countries.

Geneva Group International (GGI)

GGI is a network of experts, which enables the company to arrange financial administration services for customers in 120 different countries.

  • GGI Geneva Group International (GGI) is a global Alliance of independent professional firms
  • Member firms take care of accounting, legal, taxation and consulting matters of its growing international clientele
  • GGI´s broad international coverage provides clients with access to high quality firms in nearly every major financial and commercial centre
  • Member firms are locally based firms
  • Member firms must be committed to providing high quality standards
  • Each member firm is admitted only after substantial due diligence on GGI part
  • Potential members are evaluated on quality, professional working procedures, reputation, international business, size, management structure, technology and more

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