SHIFT is a business festival meant mainly for startups, scaleups and growth companies. Festival is arranged by a non-profit organization Shift ry.

The festival includes many activities to participate in. The program includes e.g. round-table discussion, one-on-one meetings, workshops and keynote speeches.

One of the main events is the SHIFT pitching contest for seed and early-stage companies. The grand prize in the competition is 10.000 euros!

The main theme is “collaboration”

This years SHIFT is all about collaboration. This theme includes two main thoughts:

  1. Human & Machine (technology)
  2. People 2 People (management, change)

The main speakers can be found on SHIFT’s website. Some example keynote speakers are Gerd Leonhard, Melofy Hossaini, Neil Harbisson and Cecilia Tham. All of them are experts in different fields of business.

Why Rantalainen is participating the SHIFT festival?

Our main goal is to help companies understand why business administration and management accounting are important things to take care of properly.

For instance, at Rantalainen’s stand you can find out more about business administration tools and software. We can also help you with any questions you might have concerning your company’s accounting and taxation challenges.

More information:

The SHIFT Business Festival’s website:

Sini Toivonen, head of sales / SHIFT, 040 6792 626 or

Mikko Laaksonen, business administration expert / Rantalainen, 02 4781 714 or