Rantalainen’s annual expert days are held 25.10.-15.12.2016 this year. During this time our experts offer free consulting meetings to all companies and organisations to help you with any questions you might have concerning your business and financial administration.

Our experts have e.g. helped different companies and organisations with these challenges:

  • Establishing a business and planning a business
  • Company acquisitions
  • Electrical and online financial administration
  • Development of human resources

All questions, whether they are bigger or smaller, should be asked from our experts. The expert days’ schedule and instructions how to book a meeting can be found here: https://kampanja.rantalainen.fi/rantalainens-expert-days-2016.

More information:

Eelis Salo, auditing manager, +358 40 572 1121 or eelis.salo@rantalainen.fi

Mikael Hedlund, expert, +358 44 770 9880 or mikael.hedlund@rantalainen.fi

More information about this campaign in Swedish: https://kampanja.rantalainen.fi/rantalainens-expertdagar-2016

More information about this campaign in Finnish: https://kampanja.rantalainen.fi/rantalainens-expert-days-2016