About us

Rantalainen is one of the largest accounting services networks in Finland, with 850 professionals serving over 15 000 clients.


Founded in 1972, Rantalainen Accounting Services is an authorized group providing financial management, accounting, reporting and auditing services from over 40 locations in Finland. Our team of over 850 skilled professionals serves the interests of over 15.000 clients.

We are a friendly, approachable business offering comprehensive advanced financial administration to companies both large and small. Online tools enable real-time services regardless of time or place, and Rantalainen’s personnel employ only the latest expertise.

Rantalainen Accounting Services is one of the Finland’s largest accounting firms. Rantalainen’s philosophy is to be proactive, reliable, and to provide an exceptional level of service using the most modern methods available.

Our service logic

Rantalainen’s accountants are experts in their field. Your dedicated accountant will know your business and provide you with ideas and recommendations for enhancing and developing your financial administration. Your ability to make discerning, fast decisions will be strengthened by the prompt provision of accurate and pertinent information.

Continuous monitoring creates a clear competitive advantage. The ability to make the right critical decisions, quickly, has an immediate impact upon your company’s profitability.

Rantalainen is an innovator and leader in the development of electronic financial administration. Our comprehensive range of services and software allows quick and efficient implementation of advanced real-time financial administration. With over 40 years’ experience, we can recommend the optimal operational model and the most suitable financial administration software.

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Starting a business in Finland -guide

Rantalainen Accounting Services provides all financial management services for companies establishing their business in Finland.

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